Several images of the Forfend Health mobile app showing lab results and care plans.
Several images of the Forfend Health mobile app showing lab results and care plans.



of U.S. employees feel supported at work in managing their physical well-being

A Preventive
Care Platform
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Give Your Employees Access to the Kind of Preventive Care They Deserve

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Give Your Employees Access to the Kind of Preventive Care They Deserve

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Access to Nutritionists and Health Coaches

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Group Programs to Enhance Employee Well-Being

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Enhance Employee Benefits Without Breaking the Bank

We accept insurance for visits and our admin fees can be a plan expense.

and Completes
Existing Benefits & Perks You May Already Have

Mental Health
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Fertility Benefits
Forfend Preventive Health Services
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Same Day 'Urgent' Primary Care
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Preventive Care is No Longer a Nice to Have. It’s a Need to Have.

Attract and retain talent

Reduce absenteeism and sick days

Increase presenteeism and get ahead of “quiet quitting”


of otherwise healthy people who completed a Forfend exam uncovered unknown health risks that they can now proactively manage.


of Forfend patients have followed one or more Forfend health and wellness recommendations in their care plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a primary care solution. Why do I need Forfend?

Most primary care solutions excel at helping patients get care quickly when they have an acute or urgent need, like a sore throat. Some of these solutions have preventive care visits, but they are often an afterthought and they haven’t prioritized creating a meaningfully different patient experience.

Forfend’s exclusive focus is offering a best-in-class, evidence-based preventive care experience that empowers patients to get ahead of common chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes on their terms, with digital tools and top practitioners. Many of our lifestyle interventions also support mental health.

In short, we complement existing urgent care primary services that you may already offer.

My company has a hybrid or remote workforce. Can Forfend work for them?

Forfend’s services are versatile and can easily serve workforces that are in-person, remote, everything in-between.

Preventive Care Exams: If your workforce is remote, we facilitate getting lab work at a local lab or in-home, with the rest of the experience conducted via telehealth. If your workforce goes into the office, we can help facilitate labs onsite to make it even more convenient to get care.

Virtual Sessions: Our virtual group learning sessions are great for any type of workforce, but especially helpful as a way to bring shared activities to remote and distributed teams.

My workforce skews younger. How does Forfend provide value to younger employees?

Based on a large study published by 2019 by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, we know that health begins to decline at age 27! Large contributors to this decline are cardiovascular and endocrine conditions (like diabetes) as well as mental health conditions. This makes it especially important for younger employees in your workforce to be proactive when it comes to preventive care. In addition, many younger employees value health and wellness benefits and are eager to have data about themselves from their lab results and consultation with their practitioner.

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Your health. Our purpose.

We believe preventive care should be the cornerstone of our healthcare system.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go to your closest emergency room.